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For outbound calling, ADI's case management system creates records of all cases processed. These records are annotated by project and by interviewer. ADI's system assists in case management and work-flow monitoring, providing separate queuing of calls by case attributes: departments options,  disposition code, time zones or other project-specific indicators. We offer  bilingual interviewers or utilize ATT's Native Translation service.

Our inbound call system uses intelligent routing and queuing rules to direct calls to interviewers and help desk staff. ADI's system  can direct calls, based on the unique toll-free number for each project. Our staff is  trained to handle calls for specific projects such as support for federal, state, or municipal agencies. We script all interactions and provide our agents with knowledge dashboards to facilitate successful call resolution. Our inbound call flow is carefully diagrammed and programmed to meet the particular needs of individual projects and can include:

  • Direct routing of calls to interviewers, or knowledge experts

  • Menu options to determine call routing

  • Project-specific or announcement driven voice messaging

  • Routing to project staff or client internal staff or knowledge experts


ADI's staff offers expertise in a wide range of call center activities, including CATI, inbound hotline operations. We can provide interactive voice response applications, and Web help desk support. ADI's CATI case management can facilitate the use of questionnaire software packages: Blaise, CASES, and custom Web browser-based tools.

ADI can develop questionnaires and agent scripts to transfer client knowledge to our team of dedicated agents. We make the transition seamless.


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