Survey Telephone Interviews

ADI's Call Center Servicesfacility supports data collection and tracing operations for our many survey projects, following appropriate quality control procedures, with our production stations and  training stations.

Our call center features:

  • Use of the latest versions of Internet Explorer / FireFox
  • High-speed Internet connections at all stations over a secure network
  • Polycom  headsets for superior voice quality while interviewing
  • Dedicated workstations for longer run times
  • Case management and computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • High-availability and redundant server-side systems in telephony, databases, and file server structures
  • A VoIP network
  • A unified contact center system for call management and audio monitoring and/or recording
  • Federal Information Processing Standards/National Institute of Science and Technology (FIPS/NIST)-compliant networks.
  • Agents trained to ensure the protection of confidential and sensitive information
  • Automation efficiencies that contribute to higher agent use levels per hour to reduce costs for our end clients

ADI's call center is located in a controlled-access environment, ensuring the strict security of all data collection. ADI operates 7 days a week with production coverage of at least 16 hours per day Monday through Friday, 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Data Collection

ADI offers state-of-the-art survey research interviewing services. Our data collection expertise includes computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), tracing operations, coding and keying operations. We can provide  help desk capabilities with our call center or via our virtual call center model.

ADI's call center private local area network  conforms to the NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-37 Guide for the Security Certification and Accreditation of Federal Information Systems.  This insures that ADI's networks are low risk for confidentiality, integrity, and availability per the guidelines of FIPS 199.

ADI also provides for enhanced security network (ESN) to ensure that all projects containing personal identifying information and personal health information are NIST moderate compliant. Our calling systems can operate in either a low or moderate data collection mode as required.


ADI's call center has the enhanced security (ESN) needed to protect client personal information while servicing debt collection, loan application processing, etc. Our agents are rigorously trained to professionally service these accounts, update records and process payments.

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